OXY-B works on the principal of Electrochemical Activation of water, In ECA a very dilute electrolyte solution is passed through a patented electro chemical cell. The electrodes are separated by a proprietary ion selective membrane made of Zirconium, Aluminum and Yttrium oxide mixture. The specially designed membrane, which separates the two chambers, allows the ions to pass unimpeded.

When a very dilute solution of an electrolyte is passed through electro chemical cell, cations are attracted towards the cathode and anions are attracted towards the anode. The ion selective membrane does not allow the cations and anions to mix again. In the end the solution can produce one stream of anion rich solution and the other stream of cation rich solution At the anode & cathode complex reactions takes place at specific current ,voltage ,pressure ,flow pH & conductivity settings which produces a metastable solution containing a wide variety of very reactive ions and free radicals. Some of the reactive ions and free radicals species formed in the anolyte chambers are given above.

This metastable solution is very strong oxidising in nature & can kill all type of bacteria & microorganism in a very short contact of time. this solution have a very high ORP ,Making it a broard spectrum, fast acting, non toxic, eco friendly biocide for universal Applications.

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