Electro coagulation is based on the science of electrolysis. Electrolysis involves passing of electricity through the effluent. The electric current destabilizes the dissolved colloidal particles and alters the charge on suspended particles to coagulate the pollutants (Electro Coagulation). These coagulants trap the gaseous products of Electrolysis Reaction and start floating in the water (Electro Floatation). A combination of Electro Coagulation and Electro Floatation removes the pollutants from the Effluent.


  • Eliminates use of coagulating and flocculating chemicals, saves cost
  • Low sludge volumes eases sludge disposal problems
  • Easy to operate
  • No moving parts, easy to maintain
  • High pollution removal rates of more than 95 % in most of the cases, Effective
  • Excellent performance to cost ratio, cost effective
  • Small Foot Print, Saves precious land
  • Noise & Odor Free, ideal for populated areas
  • Can be customized to wide range of effluents

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