It is proposed to use Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) system working on the principle of filtration of activated sludge through the concept of using flat sheet type or hollow fibre type submerged membrane modules in bioreactors. The membranes in a MBR system are made from polymeric organics (PVDF, PE or PES) and assembled into units (modules, cassettes, stacks) with high packing density. Raw wastewater pre-treatment is important to sustain stable MBR performance and fine screening is essential operation.


  • MBR is capable of meeting the most stringent effluent water quality standards.
  • Membrane modules are back-flushable
  • Yield 60-80% less sludge than conventional system
  • Requires cleaning only once in 3 to 6 months.
  • Maintain high MLSS
  • No secondary clarifier, virtually no effluent suspended solids, no RAS recycling.
  • It allows systems to be remotely operated and monitored, thus significantly reducing operator attendance.
  • Sludge can be wasted directly from aeration tank

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