The terms trickle filter, trickling biofilter, biofilter, biological filter andbiological trickling filter are often used to refer to a trickling filter. These systems have also been described as roughing filters, intermittent filters, packed media bed filters, alternative septic systems, percolating filters, attached growth processes, and fixed film processes. The bio-film that develops in a trickling filter may become several millimetres thick and is typically a gelatinous matrix that contains many species of bacteria, and amoeboid protozoa, annelids, round worms and insect larvae and many other micro fauna. This is very different from many other bio-films which may be less than 1 mm thick. Within the thickness of the biofilm both aerobic and anaerobic zones can exist supporting both oxidative and reductive biological processes


  • Appropriate for small- to medium-sized communities.
  • Very Efficient in removal of ammonia from waste water
  • Low power consumption.
  • Simple and reliable process that is suitable in areas where large tracts of land are not available.

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