One advantage of this orientation is flexibility of operation. The total time in the SBR is used to establish the size of system and can be related to the total volume of a conventional continuous-flow facility. As a result, the fraction of time devoted to a specific function in SBR is equivalent to some corresponding tank in a space oriented system. Therefore the relative tank volumes dedicated to , say aeration and sedimentation in the SBR can redistributed easily by adjusting the mechanism which controls the time ( and , therefore share the total volume) planned for either function. In conventional ASP, the relative tank volume is fixed and cannot be shared or redistributed as easily as in SBR.


  • Single tank for reaction and settling.
  • True batch mode of operation & can be operated as a time-based control system allowing continuous inflow
        of wastewater during all phases of the cycle.
  • Ability to achieve biological oxidation, nitrification, de-nitrification, phosphorus removal and solid/liquid
  • Computer interface technologies, and advanced monitoring instrumentation capability, and ability to be
         operated remotely.
  • Less labour required when operated automatically and computer controlled.

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